Management Evolution, A Reflection.

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The discussion on the meanings and basics of management and its evolution has led me to believe that long before the scholarly individuals have surmised the concept, the reality of management has long been perceived and practiced. Management is as old as the human race. Even Jesus Christ had his own style of management in his quest to realize his objectives here on earth. When I think about it, I feel it is but right to admire how the ancient people of Egypt has adapted a certain management system to build the pyramids of time. It is truly amazing! Taking it a step further, most of the great achievements in the world throughout history are actually brought about by efficiency in management. It was only a matter of time before scholars and academicians formally put together the distinct concepts of management. As it has evolved through time and took on many forms, management became a virtual matter.

It embraces several factors in an organization to claim its own distinct feature. Though scholars have succeeded in defining clear cut characteristics of management, there is no single best management method that can encompass all organizational avenues in the world. As management was experienced and absorbed, certain styles of management prescribe to certain kinds of communities or organizations. For instance, the Filipino style of management is evidently distinct to that of the Japanese style of management. Thus, to me, management is relative.

One statement that really struck me in the discussion of management in the form of government was the statement, "Government is a reflection of what is valued by its environment." This statement fully delivers what I had previously mentioned that management is defined by several factors in an organization or an environment. But this time, the statement specifically mentioned government. Just...