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Executive SummaryThe purpose of this project is re-modifying the online banking system of CMB. Currently the online banking of CMB has many functions; yet these functions are segregated in various channels without an integrate system for them all. The online banking of CMB has many versions including personal online banking professional version, personal online banking public version, visa card online banking, online banking for stock and shares, online banking for funds, cell phone online banking, handful online banking and electronic business professional online banking. Each of these online banking versions requires a distinct set of passwords and user name, which is inconvenient for those who seeks all-in-one services in online banking system. Clients will like to have an online banking system in CMB that requires only one set of log in user name and password before they can do various transactions in the same account. Therefore our group will seek how to integrate the CMB online banking system through this project.

We hope the all-in-one online banking system of CMB includes services such as online banking, online credit card, fund, stock, cheque account, saving/term deposit, visa/master, and foreign currency functions.

Overview of the FirmChina Merchant Bank (CMB) is a well-known bank in China with services includes home banking services, savings and credits, investment business, domestic business, international business, corporate banking and more. The home banking services include payment by card, online payment, emigration financial consulting, and electronic air ticket booking. The savings and credit includes intra-city transfer service, domestic remittance, overseas remittance, and house mortgage loans. The investment businesses include stock shares, open fund, and forex express.

The personal internet banking service of CMB is a personal online banking and fund management software. It has strict client identity verification system. It always requires verification of their clients before they can...