Management Information System: Dewan Farooque Motors Ltd

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Introduction to Dewan Farooque Motors Ltd03

Introduction to Car Manufacturing Industries04

Introduction of "DFML" MIS Department05

Structure of MIS08

Input, Processes and Output09

Hardware, Software and Communication Network10

Integration of IT Department with Other Department12



On December 25, 1998, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited entered into Technical Licensing Agreement with Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea for assembling and manufacturing of Hyundai vehicles in Pakistan. The project cost was approximately Rs. 1.8 billion financed on a 58:42 Debt to Equity ratio, with the assembly plant's installed capacity of 20,000 vehicles annually in two shifts.

An independent team of professionals in the areas of Marketing, Finance and Production are working on the project. The vision of the group is to expand activities gradually in the automobile industry with the introduction of a range of different vehicles.

DFML has the advantage of introducing a superior quality and cost competitive product to a market that was dominated by Japanese manufacturers.

DFML has a long-term vision and plans to expand activities gradually in the automobile industry, i.e. the mother of engineering industry; as a number of other sectors of the economy depend on it, directly or indirectly, for their income. Some of these sectors are engineering, electronics, metal, rubber and plastic. The ultimate aim is to achieve 90% localization by 2015.

The company also imports and market "HYUNDAI" Commuter Vans, which are not being manufactured in Pakistan. The sale of these vehicles is supported by complete after-sales service, through a 3'S dealership network. The company has a total of 22 dealers nationwide.

Short-term objective is to achieve a sales target of 25,000 Hyundai vehicles by the year 2005. This can easily be achieved on the basis of the demands of the Pakistani buyer and the fact that...