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The British Council's library network in India is the largest British Council operation in the world. There are libraries in eleven Indian cities. Every year they answer 200,000 enquiries and make 2.4 million book loans, serving the needs of 15,000 visitors every day. Over 40,000 new books are added to the stock every year.

Modeled on the pattern of British public libraries, they provide the best of reading materials published in Britain. The libraries have a modern ambience, service and facilities, supplemented by courteous staff. From accessing the World Wide Web to aiding the development of children with multimedia, there are a range of services set to the highest professional standards. For this reason these libraries have always been regarded as more than just an ordinary lending library.

More than providing books and information, the British Council Library in India has nurtured the relationship between the people of both countries.

In the five decades of its existence the library has become an integral part of Indian life.


Books 36000

Children's Books 2000

Videos 3600

CDs 40


Lending: books/journals/training videos/home videos

Reference services

On-line Public Access Catalogue

Information about Britain

Internet access

Children's library

indev (Development Network for NGOs)

Educational Counseling Service

Information about British examinations

Book promotion - book displays, fairs etc.

Proactive information service to opinion formers and decision makers


Library orientations

Video screenings

Interlibrary loans

Reservation of books/videos

Programmes for members

Special programmes for children

Membership Details

Category Annual fee (Rs) Entitlement Loan period

Individual 900 3 books/ CD ROMs2 periodicals 3 weeks

Child 600 2 children's books,1 children's video 3 weeks; 1 week for videos

Family 2200 4 books, 2 periodicals 3 children's books2 home video 3 weeks

Home Video 1100 2 home video cassettes 1 week

Institutional 6000 20 books, 10...