Management: a manager is considering to change the old computer system to a new computer system. Prepare a short report for the manager with regards to this issue

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There are a number of challenges faced by the business as manger believe a new computer system should replace the old computer system since its not working well. Challenges include problem with communication effectiveness, management of information system (MIS), computer parts supply issues, computer's processing speed and computer failure.

Problem statements, goals and objectives of the company should be clearly stated. After a group of top managers and senior directors have agreed on a strategic plan focusing solely on the computer system problems and other challenges that may occur as the result of the old computer system. Then, critical success factors that maybe influenced or altered by these problems should be acknowledged by each functional and operational level of the business. It is crucial for the managerial group to do a SWOT on the existing computer system to determine its absolute net present value and opportunities costs and benefits to the company rather than simply the measurement of managers and employee's reliance on the existing computer system.

Further, analyses of these items should be conducted after all necessary items such as CSF are defined. Information system evaluation should be conducted and identified. This includes identification of problems' cause and extent. On the other hand, the new information system should be developed and implemented. The importance of information streaming in this stage is vital where senior mangers must be involved in the process of producing the report that clearly outline all critical factors to ensure total synergy and integration.

Systematic procedure of training groups must be allowed for each business unit involved in IS. Effectiveness and efficiency must be achieved as the result of all efforts taken in the process of the new information system building, careful monitoring and control must be in place to ensure total quality management of the...