Management Plan: An outline of a management plan.

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Who We Are

Mission Statement

To create, integrate and deliver business-critical transaction management systems and services that enable the energy industry to enhance reliability and profitability in the competitive market place.

Business Principles

We use the following principles to measure the appropriateness of our decisions:

*Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

*Apply the highest standards of excellence to the design, development and delivery of our products and services.

*Prove and continuously build customer confidence.

*Contribute positively to our community and our environment.

*Recognize that profitability and growth are essential to our continuing success.

Company Overview

Founded on the premise that technology should make doing business less--not, more complicated, Phoenix Logistics is shaping the way energy service providers conduct electronic business transactions.

As the electricity sector continues to change and evolve, energy service companies are looking to partners to help them navigate the uncharted waters of the restructuring market and industry.

Feeling pressure to become more efficient, and at the same time mitigate the increasing complexity and volume of transactions resulting from deregulation, market participants are turning to Phoenix Logistics for proven solutions.

Phoenix Logistics understands the challenges facing our customers such as compliance with constantly changing industry regulations and the difficulties involved in maintaining a focus on customer service. We address these challenges by moving our customers to a lower-cost, higher-value transaction computing model. Phoenix Logistics relies on the hands-on experience of its team in developing and deploying solutions designed to support any size operation, up to and including large scale, high-volume transaction management systems, and combines that with unmatched industry expertise to develop and seamlessly implement the best and most cost-effective transaction management solutions for its customers.

Phoenix Logistics' seamlessly integrated, scalable, and adaptable solutions provide ready-to-deploy, out-of-the-box functionality that is highly...