Management Planning and Ethics for Respiratory Care.

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As with any business, proper staff management is crucial for success. To ensure employee retention, a business owner needs to define staff roles clearly and offer job satisfaction and security. Be sure to organize three areas to help ensure prosperity: human resource management, accounts receivable management and qualified retirement planning. The goal of human resource management is to help staff function at its highest level of efficiency and quality. It is the ongoing leadership efforts of the medical director to organize and direct the staff.

An employee handbook is a decision-making document created to protect your practice. It allows you to explain clearly all existing personnel policies and procedures, which in turn will decrease employee misunderstandings about pay, vacations, overtime, absenteeism, discipline and medical safety regulations.

Another employee retention technique is incorporating formal pay scales, which can be used as a reference for the amount of salary increases to distribute and which help to maintain equity among the staff.

You can find information to create pay scales through state associations, professional organizations and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

It is important to conduct annual salary reviews for each employee on your medical staff. Make sure there are clearly defined job descriptions, which also can be used for professional goals and to document problems. Employees are more efficient and accountable when they know their responsibilities.

There are many more concepts I have learned about management but I will focus on what areas I believe can relate to my needs in my organization. It is worthy to note that a successful organization have managers who have a great deal of flexibility in establishing a workable leadership style. Successful managers, in addition, realize that times, tasks, and circumstances change on a daily basis. This is what I feel is important...