Management Planning Paper

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Management Planning Paper


Management Planning Paper

Using Boeing as an example, the next few pages will attempt to evaluate the planning function of management, as well as analyze some of the influences that effect its business. Boeing is a U.S. aerospace corporation founded in 1916 (Boeing, n.d.). Over the years Boeing has had its ups and downs as a business. The company is known for its production of commercial aircraft as well as its military aircraft. The Boeing (2010) website states that the company is run by a chief executive officer (CEO). However, the CEO is not given free reign of the company. The CEO must report to the Board of Directors; this board is responsible for reviewing the company's principles and practices.

There are many concerns that effect the decisions of the management of the company. The board is always analyzing how the decisions will affect the external factors like: public image, public officials, and suppliers.

A company like this that is manufacturing highly technical devices used in war it is easy to imagine how an unethical decision could leave a big bruise on a company like Boeing. With a company as large as Boeing legal factors are always going to play a role in decision making.

In recent history Boeing has had some scandals questioning the ethics of the company. This according to the company's lawyer is the result of a "win at any cost" attitude held by some of the companies top executives (Seattle Times, 2006). According to Seattle Times (2006), " In 1997, McDonnell Douglas hired an engineer away from Lockheed Martin to work on the Delta IV rocket program. He brought with him proprietary documents, including financial details on Lockheed's planned bid for an...