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In order for management personnel to manage successfully to carry out the goals set forth by an organization the four functions of management: "planning, organizing, leading, and controlling" is essential (Bateman and Snell, 2007). The success of any organization is dependent on proper implementation of the four functions of management. Planning is the basis for implementing organizational goals. Therefore, planning could be considered the most important of the four functions of management since planning sets organizational goals in motion through working strategies. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the planning function of management used by Pre-Paid Legal (PPL) independent associates, identify and analyze legal, ethical, and social responsibility issues that impact the functions of management planning and to analyze factors that influence Prepaid Legal independent associates strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.

Pre-Paid Legal is a network marketing organization that provides individual and business legal and identity theft services across the United States and provinces of Canada.

Harland Stonecipherer, CEO and Founder, came up with the idea to have affordable legal services readily available for all people regardless of their financial status. From there his plan was set in motion to make Justice for All a true reality. Since Mr. Stonesipher wanted to share his mission and vision with the world he decided to share his company with the world through multi level marketing (MLM), more commonly known as network marketing (NM). In order to accomplish his goal four types of planning were implemented:•Strategic planning: consists of the CEO and a board of directors consisting of six senior executives. The goal of these individuals was to come up with the strategic plan to define the foundation of the company for all members of the organization to follow that encompasses major organizational goals i.e. mission, vision and...