Management Principles, Contrasting Theory X and Theory Y.

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Management Principles

1. Under what circumstances would a theory x leadership style be more appropriate than theory y?

This style would be more appropriate in a smaller business or maybe a family owned business where the workers aren't making that much money and they don't feel they are an important part of the company. Like for instance a factory worker making minimum wage or a server at McDonalds. These types of people probably only do the minimum and their only motivation is to not get fired. In this case theory x leadership is appropriate.

2. When would theory y be more appropriate?

Theory y would be more appropriate in larger businesses for people who hold a higher position. In this case people feel like they are really involved in this business and they care about their work. They know what their job is and they realize the importance of what they do and that is motivation enough for them.

In this case theory y leadership is more appropriate.

3. What are some of the possible positive and negative outcomes of using theory x leadership and theory y leadership for an organization?

Some positive outcomes of theory x leadership is the workers who have the attitude of they don't like work and just work to avoid punishment. With these type of people this job even thou they don't like it. They need it so a positive is they will do the work even if they aren't happy about it. The negative to theory x is that the people with type of attitude will probably do just the bare minimum of work. Just enough to not get in trouble and your business will not do as well as it could. The positive of theory y is that in this type of...