The management process : what managers are and what they typically do.

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In this report about the nature of management. First of all we define what managers are and what they typically do. The skills needed to be a manager will also be examined

We will look at the different organisation levels and types. And examine the various processes of management. This will help illustrate the similarities and differences of the nature of management

What is a manager?


Management is the' process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims' . The nature of management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization using available resources to achieve organizational goals.

What skills a manager needs?

ľFigurehead - The presence of a physical face in charge

ľInformation Management - Monitor internal and external information

ľNegotiating - Coming to agreements with workers, suppliers, distributors, customers.

ľDisturbance handling - Dealing with customer problems

ľAllocating resources - Making sure there is enough staff, materials and equipment

ľPlanning and scheduling work - Making sure the work is being carried out to the correct quality and amount of productivity is optimum.


ľInnovating - Finding new methods of doing work

ľControlling/directing - Developing and maintaining a network a contacts

ľStaffing - Hiring and training staff if needed

Levels of management

Management 'applies to all levels within an organization' . Managers can separated by their level of responsibility and their functions.

The junior manager usually is a supervisor or team leader. They work at the operational level and are expected to coordinate employees. Junior managers make sure the quality level of work is appropriate and may be expected to fill in when a employee is absent

Middle managers are usually sales, marketing and finance managers. Middle managers are responsible for junior managers and report to...