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Management By Proverbs by Michael Zigarelli

Principles of Management - Ba 203 Sec. 3

Jesse K. Brockway

February 28, 2011


The one book that stuck out to me was Management by Proverbs because I try to read a Proverb every day and I thought this would be a good addition to my devotions. I told God that if He wanted me to read a specific book, I wanted Him to provide it. I got back to my room and got on University Yardsale and started looking up some of the books. I only found one copy of the book I was interested in. Management by Proverbs was for sale and was listed for only five dollars! I thought to myself, "There are over one hundred people in this class, and we all have to do this assignment. The chance of me getting this book for so cheap is really slim."

I almost did not even bother to email, but I remembered that I had made a deal with God so I should at least give Him a chance to answer my prayer. Apparently I was the first to email and I took that as God answering and granting my request (Luke 11:9).


Value Employee Input. This principle really is broken down into two sections. First, managers should be humble enough to at least hear and consider employee inputs and ideas when they make suggestions. Second, managers should be diligent in actively seeking these suggestions from employees (Prov. 18:15). It is very easy for managers to look down on their employees as being less important and, in that thinking, less knowledgeable. Managers need to realize that although some employees may not have a super high IQ, these employees are the front...