Management Vs. Leadership

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Management is not leadership just as leadership is not management. In order to differentiate between the two we must ask ourselves which we relate to more, or rather, which we consider ourselves to be by asking the question which am I? Am I a Manager or can I consider myself a Leader? What type of person makes a good manager? What type of personality is best for leaders?


Management is defined as "The people who administer a company, create policies, and provide the support necessary to implement the owners' business objectives". ( A manager sets goals and controls by directing, reacting and demanding improvement. Managers demonstrate rationality and control. Managers are problem solvers who often ask the question "what is the problem that needs to be solved" and how do we solve it in the most efficient manner so that people will stay motivated and continue to contribute to the organization to the best of their ability? Managers are often persistent, tough-minded, hard working, intelligent, analytical, and tolerant.

Many managers are task oriented and have the bottom line of the organization in mind. My organization has a lot of managers, all of whom are very task oriented having only the success of the company in mind while often neglecting the feelings of their subordinates in the process. The management within my organization lacks some of the basic skills required to be good leaders, however, many of them have the skills to be great managers.


There are many types of leaders with different personalities and styles of leadership. Leadership has been defined as direction, conduction; guidance Leadership is the art of creating an environment and influencing people to willingly follow a chosen direction. A leader provides a clear vision and guides followers along a path that realizes that...