Management vs. leadership

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Management and leadership are two of the most important positions to have for anyone in an organization. Both of these positions come with a great deal of responsibilities; however, they both serve two different purposes and responsibilities in an organization, along with a different sent of guidelines.

LeadershipLeadership is a wonderful quality for anyone to have because not everyone possesses leadership qualities and skills; however, a person can learn to have leadership qualities if he or she has the desire. A good leader has many excellent qualities such as; a leader has followers, knows how to encourage the workers, can get results by implementing strategies, can create a vision for the company, and communicates the vision clearly. These are not the only qualities a leader must have, but they are some of the most important qualities an individual must have in order to be successful in a leadership position.

Management"Management do things right, while leadership does the right thing."

- Warren BennisManagement takes a great deal of skill and education; however, management positions are not just for anyone. In order to be successful in a management position, one must be able to handle the responsibilities physically and mentally. Management is getting people to do what needs to be done. Managers have to be knowledgeable about what their team is tasked to deliver and the process required delivering it. They shoulder the day-to-day responsibility in an organization. In a management position, a manager must be able to plan, delegate, organize measure and control both the task and the employees, and making sure that things get done the right way.

Importance of leadershipAs Covey wrote it: "I believe the most important attribute for a leader is being principle-centered. Centering on principles that are universal and timeless provides a foundation and compass to...