What is Management? Why organizations need management and why managers need good people skills (TQM)?

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There are three words in the question need to be understood when we start going about the question. Firstly what is a manager and secondly to what extent is good people skills and lastly what is it mean by doing a job well. From my own understanding, manager's function cannot be entirely identified, as one manager's job can be significantly or slightly different to another. But manager takes up significantly in part which deals with people and "human skill is the executive's ability to work effectively as a group member and to build cooperative effort within the team he leads (Robert L. Katz, 1974, p 98)."

Managers cannot do their job well without people skills. People skills conceive many different prospective and ideas which can be practiced in real by managers, these which this essay is going to concentrate on interrelationship between leadership and it's components and motivation.

These key people skills draw our attention to the importance of a manager as that an organization is build up with people and the key to a successful manager is how they manage people to help the organization to achieve it's goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.

Leadership and motivation


Firstly and which this essay will mostly contribute to is the leadership skill and how it could improve, develop and effect motivation. Because after all, the managers job is making sure people are at the right job and have constant improvement and enthusiasm and are devoted to their job and the well being of the organization. This part of people skills covers almost every aspect of what a manager need in order to perform their job well. The APJQM state out some extremely important qualities...