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Essay by hopia October 2004

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Every human being has a purpose in their life. We live in this world to fulfill our mission and do our obligations. Along with this mission and obligations comes great responsibility. As individuals, we have different responsibilities. We have a responsibility as a parent, spouse, child, and even as a citizen of this country. However how can we measure these responsibilities? Is their a guideline on how to become a good parent, a faithful spouse, an obedient child or a responsible citizen? As far as I know, the only thing that measures these obligations is myths or traditions that have been passed on from generations through family and the society as well. Some people say that in order to become a good parent you must be a good provider, to become a faithful spouse you must have family values, to become an obedient child you must follow what your parents tells you, to become a responsible citizen you must follow the laws of your country and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, we must not be constrained to these set of rules. I am not saying that we do not follow these traditions or that they are wrong. The point is we are not robots that are programmed to do specific tasks. We are not bounded by these tasks even though logically, they may sound appropriate and correct. Since we live in a world where change naturally occurs, we must deal with this in the most humane way that is, adapting to it. How? We must try to find other possible ways to get our job done. Different tasks have different ways of doing it. By acclimatizing we can do our work or obligations more efficiently. Thus by reacting to changes and adapting to our environment, we can be...