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AsiaFLy Ltd, which is located in a Northeast city of China--ChangChun, is a small independent bicycles and motorcycles retailer owning 5 retail outlets. The company has been in operation for fifteen years having progressed from a small family concern and has 24 employees currently. Although the company is situated in a highly competitive bicycle and motorcycle retailing environment, with numerous alternative providers and effective and efficient management it still has a stable business.

Shen Fei, the Managing Director (MD), is a fifty-one-year old man who also is one of the owners and founders. The following is about MD's job analysis and interdependencies between the MD and the other important individuals.

1. The Managing Director's Job Analysis

According to Davidson & Griffin (2003, 11) a manager is someone who plans and makes decisions, organizes, leads and controls human, financial, physical and information resources.

1.1 Planning and decision-making

As the MD of the company, Shen Fei develops and implements short- and long- term goals, objectives, policies and procedures of the company including all the departments.

For example, in the third season of 2006, the MD set a goal of three-hundred eighteen-speed bicycles for sale in every outlet, and to achieve that goal, he decided to give a 5%-off discount for every that model of bike.

1.2 Organizing

After setting goals and developing workable plans, the MD allocates the human, financial, physical and information resources and liaises with external suppliers and main customers to implement the plans. For instance, the MD coordinates the work of all the staff and tracks work flow, schedules, projects and committee decisions. Meanwhile, the MD provides guidance and work direction.

1.3 Leading

The MD leads all the staff to work together to met the goals and objectives. The MD confers with and represents all departments in meetings;...