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1.0 Introduction

This article written bases on my work experience and some professional knowledge from MBA programme. As a credit and load manager clearly know what situation he or she works in a company and what requirements he or she must be asked and what roles and functions he or she should takes. Meanwhile the manager must show his ability to deal with all kinds of whom he or she must interact with are very critical to his or her job. This article also explains interdependency between a credit & load manager and his/her critical staff, peers, clients/customers, supervisors and co-worker etc and also demonstrate what traits the credit and load manager learns from his/her critical individuals and groups. At last, to evaluate and recommend, the credit and load manager comes up with her/her own opinions according to efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction these three factors which play an important role on realization of organizational goals.

2.0 My company introduction and job qualifications

As a manager of credit and loan department of Industrial and Commercial Development Bank of China (ICDBC) Shengyang Branch Bank. I was hired by (ICDBC) several years ago, and in charge of more than 30 employees in my department. The requirements for this position is at least above Bachelor of accounting, business, economic, or business administration and related to others fields, and financial management experience with 5 years, meanwhile must be competent with perfect communication skills and interpersonal skills and manual dexterity, numeracy and preferred to with creativity, emotional distancing& involvement.

3.0 Functions of the credit and loan manager

One is that I must oversee the firm' issuance of credit, and establish credit-rating criteria, determine credit ceilings and monitor the collection of past-due accounting, especially find potential clients and assist them in applying for loans according to their...