Manager Vs. Leader

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This essay describes the differences of a manager and a leader. You will learn how a manager works among his or her coworkers and their day-to-day environment. You will also learn how a leader can be conscious of the individuals and practices around where he or she works.

In my opinion, a manager is defined as a person who controls, supervises, and directs either an office or department towards accomplishing the company's goals. A manager view processes from the standpoint of product specifications, cost limitations, customer satisfaction, or any number of viewpoints. Management can either be located locally, overseas, or at a remote location. There are many types of levels of management, except when you are the owner. Although, even being the owner of an organization, you still have your shareholders to attend to. Being a manager means responding to the needs of diverse parties within the company. The management team quite justifiably focuses on products and their costs.

However, a manager also ensures a smooth movement of all stages of the transformation of development process, while also satisfying parties of the executive management team. I believe a manager, in today's world, works only because he or she has to. He or she must ensure the executive management team that waste and economical products from the production process will not cause product quality to suffer or change. A manager should manage multiple projects, however, I usually see managers passing their projects or responsibilities onto other individuals like supervisors or team leaders. Management of an operation will likely spell the success or failure of a company, in today's society. A manager is supposed to manage multiple aspects of the everyday workload. A good manager would be proficient in ensuring that work is evenly distributed. He or she should also make...