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Managers in this day are expected to do a number of tasks while keeping their composure. A manager needs to know how to deal with any given situation. Problems are bound to happen and we expect the leader or manager to be able to handle it with ease.

Honesty is one of the most important things to being a manager. The employees expect the manager to be truthful and honest with them. When the employees trust the manager they are able to discuss difficulties and such.

Vision and inspiration are valuable tools for a manager to have when dealing with other employees and productivity. The manager needs to be able to envision the things necessary to make the business flourish. Employees can be inspired many ways and the manager has to figure out how to inspire everyone while keeping production up.

Persistence and good communication are qualities any manager should have.

These make it so the manager can get things done while making sure everything is understood. When a manager is persistent about work ethic for example the employees will listen and understand that it is important.

Empowerment allows the manager to show authority without having people upset with him. Empowerment is" the ability to create a structure that harnesses the energies of others to achieve the desired result" Bennis (1984). A manager being empowered does not mean they have to be a tyrant but it means they can be a leader and a co-worker.

Organizational ability is the ability to watch, learn, and understand how to fix future problems. This allows leaders to use trial and error witch in turn can make the business better down the road. The better the leader is organized the more efficient the employees will be.

Attention, meaning, and self can all be...