Managing Change

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Managing Change


Effective change management is essential for many reasons. It can greatly benefit an organisation in a variety of aspects in relation to growth and competitive advantages. It is vital for businesses to introduce new principles and management smoothly.

Though change seems good, there are a lot of factors which have impact on effective change management, including contextual, complexity and the vagueness of change. This paper will discuss issues involved in the change implementation in organisations. It will also discuss topics of the forces of change upon an organisation, what causes the resistances of change for both individually and from an organisational outlook, and how it should be dealt with upon to succeed in effective change management.

Effective change management is what all organisations want, which is, being able to change without much doubt, without it being too difficult, and without it being too ambiguous.

Though this is what all organisations strive for, it is not always so simple to plan change without these feelings of uncertainty. Change is unavoidably introduced into our society, and without change, ones self will not be able to carry onto the next step upon their quest of survival. As a real life view, change is everywhere and change is inevitable.

Resistance to Change

Towards change as an individual, it appears possible to notice that people are set to a routine in their day-to-day affairs. For example, the routine to travel to a college consists of the same streets and same highways in order to get to the destination, but what if maintenance is needed on one of the streets? A person will find troubles of taking alternative directions, sometimes even taking much longer to arrive at the same destination. According to Robbins et al, this difficulty is...