Managing change of Avon Products Inc.

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Table of Contents

1.Avon Products Inc.1

2.Leadership Behaviors and Skills2

2.1Transformational Leadership2

2.2Leadership Skills3

2.2.1 @Having a Vision3

2.2.2 @Communicate their Vision3

2.2.3 @Build Trust4

2.2.4 @Positive Self-regard4

3.Change in Avon4

3.1Leading Change4

3.1.1 @Establishing a Sense of Urgency5

3.1.2 @Creating the Guiding coalition6

3.1.3Developing a Vision and Strategy6

3.1.4 @Communicating the Change Vision7

3.1.5 @Empowering broad-based action7

3.1.6 @Generating short-term wins7

3.1.7 @Consolidating gains and producing more change8

3.1.8 @Anchoring new approaches in the Culture8

3.2Managing Change9

3.2.1 @Reasons for Resistance to Change9

3.2.2 @Model for Managing Resistance12

3.3Avon's Corporate Culture15



1.Avon Products Inc.

Avon Products, Inc., was one of the world's largest direct-selling merchandisers of beauty and beauty-related products. Avon's product line includes skincare items, makeup; perform fragrances for men and women, and toiletries for bath, hair care, personal care, hand and body care, and sun protection. It also includes an extensive line of fashion jewelry, apparel, gifts, and collectibles.

Exhibit 1 Avon Product Line


Avon Color has targeted product lines that represent the latest innovation in high performance, top quality cosmetics:

Beyond Color Fanti-aging treatments with color cosmetics

Hydra Finish Fsilky-smooth with a cool and lightweight feel

Perfect Wear Ftransfer-proof, long-wearing products

Color Trend Fembraces trendy, chic colors at low prices

Skin Care

Anew Fcomprehensive line of age management skin care

Avon Skin Care Fperfect problem/solution products

Basics Fsimple, easy to understand, and affordable skin care

Clearskin Facne-fighting products for oily, blemish-prone skin

Moisture Therapy Fclinically developed for dry skin

Hair Care

Advanced Techniques Fhair care line has over 22 high performance hair products for every hair type, age group, and ethnic background

Herbal Care Foffers a range of hair care products formulated with a special complex of botanicals


Avon releases one global fragrance brand per year,