Managing Conflicts and Negotiating Effectively

Essay by Bubbles34 March 2009

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Managing conflict is something that as individuals we experience on a daily basis. Conflict may be in work, school, home, and even within ourselves. What I think individuals have trouble with and do not understand is how to deal with conflict in an effective way or to avoid conflict. I have always believed that not everything are meant to tangle over sometimes to avoid issues it is best to go with the flow as long as it is not a life-threatening situation. Most of the time individuals think differently, act differently, and want different things in life and in an organization. When these differences come about it is important to have a strong leader who can determine what is more important and whom ideas will work best in the situation. Having someone on the outside looking in can sometimes help individuals come together and agree on something without the conflict issues.

What is Conflict?Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences. Other causes of conflict include trying to negotiate before the timing is right or before needed information is available. ( Conflict refers to a process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. This definition implies incompatible concerns among the people involved and includes a variety of conflict issues and events. Conflict management consists of diagnostic processes, interpersonal styles, and negotiation strategies that are designed to avoid unnecessary conflict and reduce or resolve excessive conflict. (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007, p 294). Ingredients of conflict are:Needs- needs are things that are essential to our well-being.

Perceptions- people perceive differences in the severity, causes and consequences of problems.

Power- conflicts can arise...