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In public relations, spin is a negative term that signifies a biased portrayal of events weighted heavily in one's own favor. Spin is synonymous with deceptive or manipulative PR tactics. Many organizations have come to realize that PR can be based on trust, honesty and openness. Instead of using public relation skills to cover-up negative events organizations can avoid unethical and dishonest business practices by preventing crises and proactively planning the crisis communication process.

Greenergy, the green electricity division of American Wattage Corporation, has just hired a new Public Relations Manager and together with the CEO and Marketing Manager will formulate proactive plans to encompass all aspects of company communication. The development of a media relations plan is necessary to cultivate proactively a relationship with the media while a crisis management plan ensures that a process is in place that will quickly with minimal damage to the organizations reputation or finances.

Proactive planning is the process by which an organization, "…anticipates problems and opportunities. This proactive, or preventive, approach is preferable to the reactive, after-the-fact, approach because it lets you take the lead, rather than being forced to respond to others" (Center & Jackson, 2004, p. 4). A proactive crisis management plan means that an organization has a process in place by which to address and solve a problem quickly with minimal damage to the company's image.

Feedback is essential to the process of communication. Many mechanisms are available for feedback in crisis situations. Feedback serves as one of the many mechanisms used to monitor the success or failure of the plan. In the scenario Greenergy's ability to setup of systems for polls and surveys is one way for an organization to receive feedback pertinent to the issue at hand. Polls and surveys are an important tool to...