Managing in a Cross-cultural Environment

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Managing in a Cross-cultural Environment

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In the business world today, many companies are moving more toward a global stage have to deal with cultural differences and other daily changing factors. As multinational corporations become "more transnational, their strategies must address the cultural similarities and differences in their varied markets" (Hodgetts, 2005, p. 128). In this paper, each contributor will identify two separate companies that have faced challenges in the areas of cross-cultural management. The paper will also review specific issues faced by the course scenario company, Riordan Manufacturing in comparison with the contributors selected companies, how each selected companies responded to the specific issue and outcomes of the company's selected response.

Key Course Concepts

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Both Disney and L'Oreal have a very high-level of knowledge base concerning multiculturalism and diversity. They are operating under the Phase IV in the Evolution Cycle according to Nancy Alder.

This phase is mostly characterized by when an organization demonstrates a high-level of understanding for the cultural dynamics when planning their strategy, developing and locating production facilities, culturally designing marketing techniques and products, and acquiring the ability to manage cross-cultural interaction throughout the organization.

It is shown the both these companies have achieved success when they have taken the risk to ensure they operate under a multicultural approach. A contingency approach takes into account that there are different HRM practices in different cultures and for some different HRM practices within the same culture (Alder, 1991). As stated earlier, L'Oréal Cosmetics have developed products for an entire marketing area through a global process and scientific research.

Riordan can build from the templates created and developed by both of these organizations. One key note is how the HR Group developed a complete multicultural procedure that allows the organization to train, understand, and...