Managing in a Cross-Cultural Environment: MMPBL560

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Demographic Factors Research Assignment

Carolyn Ayers, Sheila Omumu, Roxana Osuna,

Alice Sandridge and Shanell Snyder

Managing in a Cross-Cultural Environment: MMPBL560

University of Phoenix

Charles Chen

May 10, 2010

Week Two


Demographic Factors Research Assignment

Demographic diversity represents any characteristic that can serve as a basis for social categorization and self identification (Tsui & Gutek, 1999. p. 131). This paper will cover ethnic tolerance and accommodation, religious diversity, gender, race, and the impact of mass media. Using the course concepts covered, we will explain how organizations have adopted or incorporated these concepts to (1) enhance business strategies, (2) foster innovation and creativity, and (3) meet the evolving needs of a global business environment. In global marketplace, organizations will encounter demographic factors such as age, race, education level, religion, political party preference, sexual orientation, and gender (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003).

As a team, we will introduce Continental Airline, AT&T, Nike Inc., Columbia Broadcasting Network, and the United States Postal Service (UPS) to identify, apply, and analyze the best practices of each firm.


Carolyn Ayers: Continental Airlines - Ethnic Tolerance and Accommodation:

Multiculturalism and Pluralism

Continental Airlines ranked among the top of the best companies and Airline of the Year for 2001. Continental used ethnic and multiculturalism demographic factors on the management planning, which was their new improved diversity hiring, and multicultural marketing strategies, which increased airline's profits and massive growth. Continental acquired a new attitude in hiring multicultural employees, strategic training, and retaining minority employees have brought the company to about 50% employees including managers are minorities today. This new method of recruitment is crucial to airline's multicultural recruitment success.

Continental leads in hiring and retaining Hispanics, and added Spanish...