Managing Customer Service

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Table of Contents

Part A

Develop a customer service plan

Quality customer service 2

Why customer service plan? 2

The planning 3

Goals/mission statement 3

Customer needs 4

Customer service plan activities 4

Part B

Manage the Delivery of Quality Service in My Establishment

Why customers complain? 5

Turning Customer Complaints into Opportunities 5

Reward/Recognition 6

Performance Appraisals 7

Formal Appraisal Interview 8

Informal Appraisals 9

Telephone Customer Service 9

Part C

Monitor and Adjust the Customer Service Plan

Checking progress against the Customer Service Plan (CSP) 11

Key performance indicator- Benchmarking 12

Case Study: Managing Customer Service

Develop a Customer Service Plan

Quality Customer Service

According to (Cole, 2001, p.307) " Customer service is one of the most direct tools we have for building loyalty, attracting repeat business, generating word-of-mouth business and boosting profits. It might be full of paradoxes, but customer service can make or break your organisation."

In scenario 1, we can see that the managers and staffs doesn't care much about the customer service. All they care is carry out company policies by rejecting a guest's request. As we may be aware that bad news pass much quicker than good news. One unsatisfied customer will tell their story to 10 of their friends and the friends of the unhappy customer will tell the story to their friends and so on. All that add up, an organisation will lose enormous amount of customers just from one unhappy customer.

Why Customer Service Plan?

As stated in (Cole, 2001, p. 8) "Planning involves establishing a goal and objectives and deciding how best to achieve them. What needs to be accomplished? By when? What needs to be done to make it happen? Who is best equipped to do it? As the old says goes 'if you fail to plan,