Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

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Diploma in Management Studies

Table of Contents


Introduction 3-3

Report Content

Task 1, Sources of Finance

Identify the sources available to the Business 4-4

Implications of different Sources of Finance 5-10

Choosing the appropriate source of finance for the business 10-10

Task 2, Finance as a Resource

2.1 Assessing and comparing the cost of selected sources of Finance 11-12

2.2 Importance of Financial Planning 13-13

2.3 Information needs of different decision makers 14-15

Task 3, Financial Decisions

3.1 Analyzing of budgets and making appropriate decisions 16-16

3.2 Unit cost and making of pricing decisions

3.3 Assessing the viability of the project using investment appraisal techniques 17- 20

Task 4, Financial Performance 21-21

Conclusion and Recommendations 22-22

References 23-23


It is more important to manage the available resources in an organization as resources are scare. No matter whether it is financial or non financial organizations must manage them effectively in order to get the maximum out come from it.

Planning thus plays a vital role in this sense. More importantly organizations should plan for its financial resources in order to curtail additional costs and as well as to mitigate risks and uncertainties involved in it.

This report will brief about the given investment plan of "JS & Co", Feasibility of the given project using different project appraisal techniques, different financial sources available to the business, information needs of different decision makers and also a concise assessment on JS & CO's forth coming five year's performance using the details provided etc.

When preparing this report information was gathered through various sources in addition to class room reference materials such as internet, books etc, which are mentioned at the end of this report.

Brief over view to J Sainsbury's & Co

Sainsbury's Supermarkets is the UK's longest standing major food retailing...