Managing in Foreign Land

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What weaknesses do you see in Joe's handling of Wolfgang?

The article does not mention Joe's attempt to handle Wolfgang's style of leadership, he simply agreed with Wolfgang's monetary raise to try and motivate the workforce.

Could Joe have anticipated Wolfgang's approach?

Joe should have anticipated the resistance to change from his workforce. He should have also realized that Wolfgang's foreign personality and work habits could be a potential problem to his longtime self empowered workforce. In addition, Joe should have spent time with Wolfgang allowing him to time to evaluate his foreign leadership style with the workforce instead of leaving along and going out to work on strategic planning and building external relationships.

Can Wolfgang's career at Spumonti be saved?

Yes, Joe needs a COO and Wolfgang is the most qualified for the job and can help Joe in modern management skills and able to modernize computer procedures. Joe must have an open meeting with Wolfgang and the workforce to discuss the current issues.

Find out what is the underlying problem with worker dissatisfaction and develop a plan to resolve it. He and Wolfgang would have to discuss Wolfgang's method of leadership and suggest ideals in which Wolfgang can adapt his leadership style to the foreign workforce.