Managing Information

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Managing Information


Within this assignment I propose to address my knowledge of 'Managing Information'. I intend to apply my understanding of the importance of effective handling of information whilst using examples of data collection, gathered within my workplace, to analyse my methods for recording and processing information.


The collection and management of data and information is an extremely important and a key responsibility within my role. This is reliant upon the contracts department, to secure the income via the commissioning of services through service level agreements (SLA'S). All SLA's are negotiated and agreed based around a monitored level of activity, linked to a cost of each service. Therefore it is important that all activity data is primarily accurate, current, and reliable, in order to quantify the provision of services from the evidence to the commissioner.


Data and information is an important management tool when making decisions.

It enables you to make an informed 'choice of action' based upon evidence, fact and statistics. As a member of the contracts department, I utilize a number of methods to gather information from several different sources. Primarily these consist of IT databases, journals, letters, verbal communication, e-mails, meeting minutes and internal reports, plus information via manuals and policy documents and Government Legislation.

Generally, information sources can be classified under four headings. Examples as follows:-

Internal - Information flows within the organisation e.g. e-mails, accounting systems, rule books and records.

External - Collection of information outside organisation e.g. invoices, letters and newspapers.

Primary - Original documents, eyewitness reports.

Secondary - Books, reports written by someone else, articles.

All these methods are both useful and effective in providing knowledge and factual evidence to assist in making a decision; however it is...