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Managing Innovative Strategic HRM: The Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System at ITC Hotels

Bhatnagar, J. Puri, R. and Jha, H. M. South Asian Journal of Management, 2004, 11(4), 92-110.

By: Shweta Jaiswal - FPM - 2014


This study aims at empirically explaining the implementation of Performance management System called Balance Score card in an innovative form in one of premier hotels i.e Maurya Sheraton. The study uses Single case embedded research design method to investigate how the process of implementation of new PMS was successfully implemented.

Role of S HR Effective implementation of innovative Performance management System


Literature Review:

Literature suggest four kind of Innovation

Product and TechnologyProduct innovation;

Innovations in Product Technology;

Job design, work organization and HRM practicesProduction Processes; and

Work Organization and HRM Practices.

Aligning People with Organisation Strategy: The Balance Score Card Approach

Kaplan and Nortan are of the belief that BSC is more than a measurement framework as it helps in aligning organisations strategy with people strategy and try to bring out the required behaviour from employees for organisations success.

New tools apart from BSC are PCMM (people Capability Maturity Model) and Human Capital Appraisal.

Role of HR and Innovation:

Partnership Strategic Monitor Enabler Change Facilitator Innovator

Ulrich and Jackson and Schuler HR Role (2000)

Research Design:

Author interacted with 45 key stakeholders in the organisation to design the case study . Secondary data was also collected which was basically the presentations used at the time of communication.

Cultural analysis was done by interviewing twenty employees across levels

Performance management structure: Old V/s New :

For determination of remuneration they followed grade structure. Fixed pay was preferred and there was very little amount of variable pay in the pay structure.

Maurya Sheraton didn't opt for lift and shift approach rather customized...