Managing a new wellness center

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Managing a new wellness center


I would build this wellness center in Hungary. It would be in the western part of the country because that part is visited also by Hungarians and also foreigners are willing to travel there. As we know Hungary is the 'strongest' in medical tourism, so this wellness center will focus on this topic and some other related services for those who are coming with family.

Product management

As medical services are the most important in this country I'm going to determine the products/services based on this. The products/services I would offer:

Relaxing services: meditation, 2outdoor- and an indoor thermal pool providing further opportunities for relaxing, and Jacuzzi. Different kinds of massage: Swedish massage (focusing on increasing circulation and blood flow), Thai massage (1-2hrs exceeds pulling fingers, toes, ears) sole or foot massage. These are the most important services because people are going to wellness centers to relax and escape from their everyday life.

Beauty services: cosmetic with all kind of beauty treatments, manicure, solarium, hair-dresser if requested. These are mostly special women needs, so we don't need to explain.

Sporting facilities: yoga, walking trips in the nature, aerobic, water-aerobic and also a fitness-center (if requested we can provide a personal trainer).

Medical services: dental treatment, alternative therapies and dietary advices, blood pressure checks.

Further services: interesting, exciting organized programs (for example special dinner nights with traditional food and music). Another service we are providing is a shop area, where our guests can choose among fashionable clothes, accessories for different sports and of course souvenirs about our country to have a remembrance from their travel. We are providing also child-care service when parents want to take rest and to have a romantic relaxing day.

Staff management

To the different special wellness services a...