Managing a school by getting teachers involved, committed and motivated

Essay by Keir December 2006

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The purpose of this essay is to try to explain why I think that teachers' work here is important and how much of a difference their presence at the school actually makes.

For our international students there is no doubt that if they did not have teachers as engaged, friendly and active as you, there would little for them to come to school for. Consider this: they are in a foreign country too, dealing with the same issues both outside and inside school as you do. For them, school is where they get most of their "action". At home, they are with family, but are hindered in going to see friends. For our Asian students, school is a big part of their lives. They are pushed by their parents, and it is actually you who provide them with the joy of coming to school. I have observed several different lessons, and I see how much work you put into them, and how much the students enjoy them and get out of them.

Your work makes an immense difference.

We do face many obstacles in our daily lives, regarding money for getting materials, books, and the various different ways in which the school administration sees fit to treat its teachers. But your efforts in making things better do make a difference, even though it might go slower than in schools in other countries. I am not defending the school; I work under the same conditions as you do. Nevertheless, every time you have struggled to achieve something from the administration, it benefits all the rest of us, not least the Chinese teachers who do not have the possibility to go to the headmistress and complain. The Chinese teachers look to us to voice opinions which they cannot raise themselves. Your presence...