Managing Stress and time

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Step 1

I would choose "Managing stress and time" to be the topic of this assignment since this is the most frequently happening problem in my current working life. In the checklist of stress symptoms on P.126, my score is 32 that signify I am in the "panicked" stress state. And in the self-assessment exercise on P.120, I am scoring 21 points, which means, "I need to find a more effective way to manage my stress."

Stress is defined as the body's psychological, emotional, and physiological response to any demand that is perceived as threatening to a person's well being. Some stress is actually good for people and good for organizations. The key is to manage appropriate stress levels such that too much is not experienced. Stress negatively impacts employees' physical and psychological health while also reducing organizational effectiveness.

I have identified the following aspects from the behavioral checklist that I most want to improve to alleviate the problem.

1. Identifies stressors

Stressors are the conditions that trigger stress in people. According to Philip L. Hunsaker in Training in Management skill, it can chiefly divide into 3 main types: organizational stressors, personal stressors and environmental stressors. It is important to find out the source of stress so that we can plan out the strategies to overcome them.

2. Develop stress resiliency

The same stressors do not cause the same reactions in all people. Those who don't experience stress in a negative way and cope better with stressors have resiliency. Factors that moderate reactions to stressors include differences in personality hardiness, social support, and good health.

3.Reduces stress symptoms

The 2 main strategies to reduce stress are problem focused strategies - by removing or changing the stressors and; emotion-focused strategies - modifying our negative reactions to stressful situations so...