Mandate of Heaven

Essay by sweetindiangirl7 November 2004

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cassey. Everyone was jealous of her beauty & nobody cared about her. Her parents were dead so, she lived with her aunt. Her aunt was very mean and made her do all the house chores and lived like a princess herself.

One day, while washing the dishes, Cassey accidentally broke her aunt's favorite jar. The cruel aunt hit her and hit her until she was bruised. As her punishment she wasn't allowed to eat for three days. Cassey went to her room in the den crying herself to sleep.

Two days passed with an empty stomach. On the 3rd day, she looked very pale and went outside to get some fresh air. When she stepped out of the door, she saw two girls ridiculing her bad fate. She was so upset that she started crying and ran as fast as she could to nowhere.

She didn't know where she was going and suddenly she tripped over a button-like thing and fell.

She lay there for a few minutes but, when she realized there was no sound of traffic, no kids, all silence, she started wondering where she was. Finally, she struggled to get up and what she saw next, made her mouth to hang. She was awed by the scenery around her. There was a seadog-like fountain, trees with fruit and lots and lots of flowers. It was scenery of nature.

She went up to the water and drank some. Then she walked up to the trees and broke one fruit and ate it. She had never eaten something so delicious in her life! She looked around to find not a single human except herself. Then, she looked for an exit. She looked for the thing she had fallen...