Mandatory AIDS Testing.

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Mandatory AIDS Testing

AIDS has become a worldwide epidemic that has struck every identifiable group. However, persons who are considered to be in a high-risk group of contracting HIV, the disease believed to cause AIDS, are still stigmatized by the media and other professionals as being diseased and abnormal. The key word now is prevention. Among many proposed policies to help prevent AIDS infection, one of the most controversial is mandatory AIDS testing. And today, I am going to talk about the Mandatory AIDS testing program, the ability to control the spread of aids with Mandatory testing, and why we should have mandatory testing to control the spread of aids.

As of today, there is no mandatory AIDS testing programs being implemented for persons of 'high-risk groups'. One cannot help but feel the society as a whole believes when one is dealing with an issue like AIDS, which is so sensitive and private, the rights and the comfort of the individuals stricken with this horrid disease should come first.

As a result, anonymous testing has been made available to provide people with discretion and protection from discrimination. According to the CBC world news station in Canadian, although not many cities provide this sort of services, just the fact that it is available is a relief for those who suspect that they might be infected with HIV. This type of service encourages testing and is the right tool to help prevent HIV infection.

Some of the question asked may be very difficult or even impossible to answer, but a strong debate can be put up for both sides. Can Aids testing control the spread of AIDS, for the individuals who seem to believe that it can, many arguments go in it's favor. By promoting HIV testing 'it enables those...