Mandatory school uniforms

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Having mandatory school uniforms can only help in the public school system. Mandatory school uniforms will benefit students and parents in many different ways. First, having school uniforms will help with campus safety. Second, school uniforms will assist students to focus on learning. Third, having uniforms will help eliminate the common problems parents have with what the student will need and wear to school each morning.

Having mandatory school uniforms will help keep school campuses safe. First, having uniforms will limit the types and colors that many gangs use. For example, having all the students wearing the same colors will prevent intimidation towards some students. Second, having all the students wear uniforms will prevent concealment of prohibited contraband brought on campus. For example, many of the school uniforms required today fit well and have no places to hide illegal weapons or other contraband. Third, having uniforms will make the campus safer from outsiders.

For example, Non-students well easily be recognized on campus because the lack of the proper uniform.

Mandatory school uniforms will assist students focus on their studies and reduce peer pressure. First, uniforms remove the status that clothing labels gives to some students. For example, students that can't afford expensive clothes will not be treated any different that those that can. Second, having uniforms will provide students to find more productive outlets for creativity. For example, having the stress lifted from clothing will allow students to find more creative ways to demonstrate self expression. Third, teachers will have the opportunity to focus on other ways for the students to express themselves. For example, students can explore other areas such as art, speech, or even writing essays.

Uniforms will aid parents with the common problems they have with their children. First, the students will know what they are...