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February 11, 2014

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The Manhattan project

Although many Americans thought the dropping of the bomb would be a good and peaceful resolve then going over to Japan, they were not aware of how big of an impact the atomic bomb would make and the disaster the bomb would cause. By looking at a three primary sources that I have found I will be explaining some of the problems of the Manhattan Project and the atomic bombs. The sources that I have show a chronological order from the making of the bomb to the after math of the bomb being dropped. Almost all of my sources demonstrate how the Manhattan and the atomic bombs were not the best choice that America could have made.

My sources also show the aftermath and how the people who were exposed to bomb were affected by it.

My first source is a letter written by Albert Einstein to the president at the time, President Franklin Roosevelt. In August, 1939, Albert Einstein sent a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt warning that Nazi Germany was attempting to build a new weapon that was more powerful and more destructive than any weapon ever known to mankind. That weapon was the Atomic Bomb. This letter would eventually change the course of history and would alter the face of the modern world. Einstein's letter and other correspondence about the A-Bomb. The knowledge that Nazi Germany was attempting to build an atomic bomb really edged America to work on one themselves. Thus, the start of the Manhattan Project.

Einstein's letter did not reach the President quickly, however, nor did it...