Mania Love

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"This is to a girl who got into my head, with all the pretty things she did, hey, you know, you keep me up in bed, this is to a girl who got into my head, with all the f*cked up things I did, hey, maybe, baby, you could keep me up in bed, my Konstantine." Mania love, the love with a deep, intense passion for a person that is dependent on feedback, is presented extravagantly in the above lyrics quoted from "Konstantine" by Something Corporate. The song talks about a young man who longs after a girl. Many people experience this emotion: it is portrayed in many types of art and, especially, music and literature. Some may laugh at this, but mania love is very serious feeling. Perhaps a little bit more light should be shed on the topic. The constructed ideal of this type of lover is obsessed with his or her love object.

A manic lover may be unable to sleep, eat, or even think logically around the loved one. The manic lover has peaks of excitement, but also depths of depression, with very few periods without a high or low. This type of lover is jealous to an extent that might be described as irrational. A manic lover cannot tolerate loss of contact with a love object, even for short periods, and is distressed by a lack of the lover's presence or anticipated interaction. A manic lover is typically crushed by real or fancied rejection, possibly to the point of suicidal ideation. The manic lover often tried to manipulate the behaviors or feelings of the loved one, but because he or she seems to be bereft of logic, often succeeds only in looking foolish in his or he own eyes. For example, a manic lover may...