Maniac McGee

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You had to see it to believe it! Maniac Magee stayed in the Finsterwalds backyard for fifteen minutes. It all happened like this. Maniac Magee was dared to spend fifteen minutes in the Finsterwalds backyard. This backyard is known to give any kids the Finsterwallies but this kid just moseyed right into the backyard and sat down. It was amazing he never seemed frightened. It was late in the afternoon and there was a small group of kids gathered around to watch this amazing feat. Some kids finserwallied aat the sight. But maniac was as cool as ever. When his fifteen minutes were up he added on to the dare; he went right up to the front porch and knocked on the front porch! What would happen would he be sucked into a black hole of coarse not the door opened an inch or two and then closed. He walked across the street to where the watchers were standing.

They all thought that he was defiantly a ghost. Kids were making up excuses just to touch him. They weren't sure if he was real or not until they saw him devour a box of butterscotch krimpets.

-"your name", Reporter-