Manic Depresion

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#Manic Depression (Bipolar) Depression is just more than a case of the Mondays or a bad day at work. Depression is a serious illness that can be very harmful to the person who is suffering through this painstaking disorder. Doctors have symptoms that they look especially for in deciding whether one is suffering from depression. Doctors look for feelings of sadness and hopelessness that are ongoing and a loss of feelings for daily activities or routines that were previously enjoyed, Example: Sex, changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, irritability, and difficulty in making decisions and concentrating.

The form of depression that is very common and very serious is Manic Depression. What is also known as bipolar. Bipolar disorder is defined as Cycles of depression and elation, or mania. Mood changes can be dramatic and rapid buy are more often gradual. It is often a chronic condition (WebMd, 2001). symptoms of depression, and their severity, differ from person to person.

Bipolar disorder can range from a very slight case which might involve changes in appetite and mood swings to a very serious case were one might even consider or act upon the notion of suicide or death. Depression can develop from anyone, but women are more likely then men to suffer from it. Bipolar Disorder can be very calm or it can be very life threatening. Some cases can be severe enough to require hospitalization.

Manic Depression disorder is very unpredictable in the actions it can make people do. Some people with Manic Depression get "Manic Highs" where they feel empowered and have fixations on concurring the world. In most cases of "Manic highs" people talk to fast for most to understand and switch from one topic to another at a drop of a hat. They proceed in all sorts...