Manifesto on Imperalism

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With recent blows for not helping save the Sudanese people from genocide, The U.S. has been on thin ice with the humanitarian Fairy. We all have imperalistic views, we look down on those third world countries. We laugh at the poor, and that's what makes us feel better about ourselves in the morning. At the end of the day, they will be the the " other''. Girgio Agamben wrote about that. He wrote that we become secure when we realize other people are suffering. That, when we are high, they are low. And that's what makes us better then those people. We have no names to the faces of the Iraqi civilian that are killed. We dont realize they have famiies, and emotions just like us. But again we look at them as the other.

Why do we allow the participation in the hierachies that the government puts us in.

Even as young children we were drilled in the game of Imperalism! Come children let's buy Park Place for two hundred dollars! Young captialists eh? But, whose fault is it? We like to buy things! We do, that's why every year Americans spend over two billion dollars on accessories. Silly Americans with big bank accounts. But there is a way to break free. It's too late for the adults to possibly break free of the binaries that are drilled into their heads. It's too late for us to break free, but we do have a choice. We do have options. We can do this.

Babies. Yes, babies. We need to have more kids. More kids who won't have this imperalistic mindset that are empowered upon us. We need to raise children until the ages of five away from the captialist mindsets. Once we do that, we can become better people,and...