Mankind's Need For A God

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The belief in a God is mankind's acceptance into a society. Every person wants to be accepted. One major way for society to feel accepted and feel a part of a group is by having a belief in a God. Whatever the belief, Christianity or Buddhism, mankind needs something to believe in. By believing in something man then becomes a part of a segment of society, and with that man feels accepted. What exactly is being accepted? Mankind needs acceptance to feel a part of something, if man is not accepted he feels alone, without purpose. Is mankind's faith reasonable? Society asks no questions when it comes to religion, but does it really make sense? Acceptance is something man craves for. To be able to say that he is accepted is very important. Man then feels he is a part of something. Without that, man feels empty like there is no reason to live.

On the other hand, those who do not believe think that man is weak for believing. Is he not? Belief is completely individual, however those, for example, who believe in Christianity, go to church every Sunday to pray, some to confess and others to get the indefinable energy some feel from church. Whatever the case may be people attend church to say they belong to something. They belong to that faith. If they happen to ever to be alone there is so much faith in this 'higher power' to continue their lives, yet, there is not enough faith in themselves to be able to just believe in themselves. Therefore is religion just an escape from those with no faith in themselves? Those who do not believe in a God think so. One must believe in something and if one cannot believe in themselves, one...