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GE2209 Marketing Development in China

Semester A (2013/2014)

Mannings China's Marketing Plan

Course Leader: Dr. Daniel Z. Ding

Group leader:

Chung Wai Hing, Stella 53093902

Group member:

Chau Man Chi, Eva 53093190 Tang Tin Yan, Tina 53566224 Leung Hoi Yan, Aliya 53572532 Law Pui Ying, Christy 53554526

Date of Submission: 07/12/2013

Executive Summary

Mannings China is a health and beauty retailer which offering health & beauty products and professional services. It has expanded operations into China for a decade, but still is not recognized by Chinese customers. Its position in China just likes another Watsons and has a long time suppressed by Watsons. This marketing plan aims to analyze the current problems of Mannings China and give suggestions according to its weaknesses, so as to optimize the market share in China by further expanding the Mannings business.

Mannings' mission is to be the market leader in the beauty and personal care industry, and concern the needs of individual and society.

With high market potential of healthcare products, increasing standards of pharmacies, higher purchasing power, greater demand of qualitative products, and advanced technology, all favor Mannings to further expand its market.

However, major competitor, Watsons, gives great threats to the expansion of Mannings China. Therefore, we suggest different strategies in marketing mix to maintain its strengths and further strengthen the capabilities so as to overcome the weaknesses.

For products, we adapt product differentiation by launching more own-brand products, adjusting the products composition, introducing medical beauty products, and offering consultant services, thus boosting sales and diversify the products.

For prices, we plan to adapt two different pricing strategies to meet different target customers, and offering various discounts in special days to do promotion.

For places, Mannings should focus on Guangdong as it is one of the most developed cities, hence increasing...