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Animal Extinction Today, the world we live in is a time of fast paced life and technology. Since the beginning of time nature and technology have had a conflict. It is not so much technology that is the problem, it is humans and how we apply it. As our population gets larger we seem to find ourselves in a world of fear and ignorance. Technology is such a keystone in our society and I fear it cannot be compromised with. A compromise is the only thing we can do for our environment. Soon we will be without it, and without it we don't live.

Species all over the world are suffering immensely from our growth as a society. It seems that the larger in size and more technologically advanced we get, the more of an extreme affect the ecosystem we leave. Since the beginning of time mankind has taken over land, manipulated it and hunted on it for their survival, which has contributed to our loss of many species.

We also have to take into consideration the amount of chemicals we release into the atmosphere each day. Earth's species are dying out at an alarming rate, up to 1000 time greater than their natural rate of extinction. By carefully examining fossil records and ecosystem destruction, some scientists estimate that as many as 137 species disappear from the earth each day, which adds up to an outstanding 50,000 species disappearing every year (Rain Forest and Species Extinction pg. 1). This travesty is affecting species both on land and in aquatic atmospheres.

The oceans species face an unprecedented crisis. The rate at which they are being lost is alarming, even when compared with the extinction episode of 70 million years ago when the dinosaurs disappeared. The Green turtle is one of the...