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Mansfield Park. Mansfield Park is considered to be a 'sober novel'. It was published in three volumes. By then Austen had matured as a (1814) writer and was dealing with the ethnical constitution of the society from a female standpoint. The novel is critiquing the state of affairs prevailing in England at that point of time and the urbanization that led to degradation of morality and esteemed values which were characteristic of country's life. And the mouthpiece of this criticism is Fanny price, the main protagonist of the novel. In none of the novels female subjectivization is done well as it is done in Mansfield Park. It is indeed the story of Fanny Price, who is not vivacious and witty like Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice. She is depicted to be a passive whose countenance is nervous and dependent on others.

As a poor and less opportunate neice ,she is brought up by her rich relatives.

From the very beginning she is taught to feel obliged towards her rich uncle Bertram and Aunt by Aunt Norris and the only person who encourages and provides guidance is Edmund. Because of him her evolution as a perfect subject is well contoured. She begins as a wimpering kid of nine years and emerges as the strong woman who attains everything that life can offer. She also read and has taste in literature. She often quotes from Cowper who seems to be her favourite poet.

Austen showcases the English society of 19th century, where times were changing. And Austen shows an interesting feature of money and matrimony. She shows how both are aligned to each other. Infact the novel begins and ends with matrimony. Austen operates within a domain that is generally labeled of to be a feminine one. It seems...