How to Mantain a Good Relationship

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There are some girls who believe that in order to be a good girlfriend you must be totally devoted to your boyfriend. Some believe that you must be there for him whenever he wants you to be, and that whenever he says "jump!" you say "how high?". The truth of the matter is that in order to have a good relationship you must be equally respectful to each other. It is the twenty-first century. Men and women are supposed to be equal. Why is it that men consider women to be inferior? In order to have the respect of your boyfriend, you must earn it. You must learn to be thoughtful and understanding. If he is having family problems, feuds with his friends, or if something is bothering him; try to give him a good piece of advice. Never try to correct his actions or get after him for making stupid mistakes, he already gets enough of that from his mom.

Just offer positive suggestion and listen to what he has to say. What he wants is just someone to talk to. You must always remember that before being your boyfriend he is suppose to be your best friend, someone who you can trust and confide in, and who can trust and confide in you.

Try to get involved with his family and try to get involved with yours. If his family is having a birthday party for his three-year old little brother, and he invites you; go to the party. It doesn't matter if yout hink you're going to waste a Saturday watching little kids play with a clown. It will mean a lot to him, and who knows, you might just enjoy being there. If your boyfriend has sisters invite them to hang out. It is...