Many Americans are Becoming Anti-American

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In today's modern times, it is becoming more and more evident amongst Americans that the amount of anti-Americanism is growing. From what the evidence has shown, it is clear that this wave of resentment for American policy is rooted in the presidency of George W. Bush and the United States' government in general. Americans are less trustworthy of their government because of the activities of the Bush Administration, such as those having to do with American foreign policy and domestic issues such as social security and immigration. The division of opinion amongst Americans has also greatly contributed to the decline of patriotism, as mainstream politicians staunchly choose sides on a solution to every problem facing the nation. Sadly, this has made the American people even more pessimistic about their country's future.

The policies of President George W. Bush are undoubtedly the main reason for the steady growth of anti-Americanism. Bush is a man who has very strong opinions concerning many issues in the USA, many of which are not shared by the majority of Americans.

One of these issues is the War in Iraq, along with other foreign policy issues. As Bush contemplated war from 2002 to 2003 on the basis that Iraq was holding weapons of mass destruction, many Americans spoke out against attacking a country that had done no recent harm to the United States. Other world powers that normally favor the USA, such as France, Germany, and Canada, also expressed their disapproval for the war and doubt of finding any such weapons in Iraqi possession. After Bush sent troops to invade Iraq the tensions between him and the American people only grew stronger. During the war the soldiers found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; the only reason Bush had for going to war. To this...