The Many Aspects Of Hawthone's "The Birthmark"

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The Many Aspects of Hawthorne?s ?The Birthmark? Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of many novels, is also the author of a few short stories, such as ?The Birthmark.? This story was analyzed in two different ways: psychoanalytic and feminist. Analyzing a story is to study and relate different aspect of it. Each time a person reads this story, or any story, it is looked at in a different way because not everyone reads into things the same way. Because the story was presented in the two aforementioned ways, the reader is better able to understand the story and it seems to come together and make more sense; the story is not stuck to being believed in one particular way.

To psychologically analyze is, not to take a close look at the characters, but to examine the representation their actions. In, ?A Psychological Reading of ?The Birthmark,?? (213) take a closer look at the actions of Aymler and his actions.

This approach makes him to be, in a way, a victim of himself and his surroundings. He seems to be scarred by Gorgiana?s change in ideas. Along with this problem, he also seems to be what today?s psychiatrists would call obsessive-compulsive. The authors of this essay, James Quinn, and Ross Baldessarini, focus not on the obsessive compulsive behavior itself, but on the consequences of the actions. Hawthorne leaves out why Aylmer acts this way, and the authors believe there is a specific reason for this. They point out that what Aylmer wants in a woman does not exist at all. He earned for a flawless woman, and as the psychological approach makes clear, to be human is to exhibit flaws. Along with the knowledge of other theorists, Ross and Baldessarini, Mayer 2 explain that Aylmer exhibits all the classic symptoms of a...