Many people say that the choice of television channel has lead to lower standards of programs. What is your opinion?

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This is a very controversial subject; many may say that more television channels lead to lower standards of programs although a small fraction of the viewers say that it doesn't make any difference.

A fact that can easily be noticed when a large choice is offered to the viewers is, how un professional these programs are. Many presenters take part in a various programs making them very monotonous, because of the fact that you are always watching the same faces over and over again. Usually one finds lack of ideas; therefore a lot of programs have the same subject. Some examples are 'Xarabank' on TVM, 'Joe Grima Live' on Super1 and 'News Room' on Net TV.

A way of making programs more interesting is by having live callings during the program. This act will give a chance for the viewers to communicate with the presenters. Televoting is another way to emphasize two-way communication.

'The Eurovision Song Contest', quizzes and Model shows are such examples.

In Malta, although we don't have a lot channels, we have enough to satisfy the Maltese viewers. One can't say that every program is hundred percent original but there is a good effort. The competition seems to take a large part weather the programs are of a high class but we are keeping up to date with technology.